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Testimonials and Reviews

At Growth Restoration, we’re dedicated to helping restoration businesses grow. And we’re proud to say that we’ve had some success in this area. Here are a few testimonials from some of our clients. We think they speak for themselves.

Impact Disaster Services

The Problem

Mike, the owner of Impact Disaster Services, had been servicing the restoration industry for 10 years. 

Like many in the industry, he struggled to get enough mitigation work, despite working with several third-party lead generation services. He had received 160 leads but had failed to get the jobs.

What We Did

Mike reached out to our team after finding us on Instagram. We recognized the need to develop a custom growth plan and focused on our proven process with Google Ads to generate more leads.

The Results

After just 90 days, Mike’s business has become steady, and he landed his first job with our help within the first week. He also secured 5 commercial jobs within 30 days and received several other opportunities.

Palmdale Restoration

The Problem

Salvador, head of the Marketing and Public Relations of Palmdale Restoration joined Restoration Growth 2 years ago.

They wanted to gain more jobs and establish their name in the community.

What We Did

Salvador initially prioritized building a social media presence, but he recognized the necessity for additional strategies to secure more jobs. Following a referral, they approached us, and we assisted them in achieving their objectives by providing a marketing strategy tailored growth plan that suited their requirements.

The Results

In the past 90 days, they experienced a significant surge in water damage and reconstruction projects, resulting in a boost of $45,000 in revenue.

Prestige Restoration

The Problem

Cedric, the owner of Prestige Restoration, has been running his company for the past 11 years.

In recent years, he has experimented with various marketing firms to increase restoration jobs, yet none of them have yielded successful results. 

What We Did

Depending on organic leads for getting restoration jobs, Cedric sought our assistance. We supported him by devising a tailor-made national campaign that proved highly effective in aligning with his company’s goals and needs.

The Results

In the past two months, there has been a significantly increased and promising flow of leads compared to the preceding seven years. Since becoming part of Restoration Growth, they have managed to save nearly half a million dollars in expenses.

Rainbow International

The Problem

Russel runs and owns Rainbow International over at Long Island. The business has been in the running since 2005. He wanted to get quality and consistent leads to secure more jobs.

What We Did

Russ decided to stop seeking generic marketing programs and found us on Facebook. We went over our proven growth call plan and introduced him to the RCM system.

To help him stand out to homeowners, we also created customized landing pages and other resources.

The Results

Thanks to our targeted approach, Russ’s business saw impressive results in just six months. He was able to secure $150k worth of jobs and consistently receive leads, with a focus on mold jobs.

All Dry Services

The Problem

Larry, the owner of All Dry Services in San Antonio, Texas, had been running his business for a year and was eager to find more ways to grow digitally.

He was looking for help to develop his digital marketing skills to improve his business.

What We Did

We recommended Larry for our Elite Coaching Program, which he participated in for three months. During this program, he learned how to pay close attention to job costing and received training on digital marketing strategies such as LinkedIn Domination, social media, and email marketing.

Our team served as a valuable resource to focus on solutions to Larry’s problem, and he appreciated the dynamic structure of the platform that made it easy for him to catch up.

The Results

As a result of what he learned from the Elite Coaching Program, Larry achieved $150,000 in revenue from a commercial fire damage job.

Chief Restoration

The Problem

A lot of resto businesses rely on relationships with adjusters, agents and plumbers. While that can still work, it produces an unpredictable amount of leads coming in.

The way to scale and grow your business past a certain point is to build a system that brings in predictable urgent leads from actual homeowners.

What We Did

We developed a custom growth plan for them specifically for water damage restoration and mold removal leads.

We used our proprietary Restoration Growth Method™ and over-delivered like always.

The Results

We were able to generated them a 12k water damage loss and 4 mold removal jobs in less than 60 days! Also we were in their “slow season”.

ProCare Restoration

The Problem

Ken wanted to focus more on rebuilds and the restoration projects from water damage, mold removal and fire damage jobs. 

He was getting them but was not happy with the volume he was getting, so we made up a growth plan specifically for reconstruction projects, here’s what happened…

What We Did

We aimed for only quality water damage restoration leads that we were able to turn into rebuild projects to increase our profit margin. 

Like Ken and the other GC’s we work with, we used Google Ads to attract and target sophisticated homeowners that knew they needed water damage restoration services. And the best part, its all covered by home insurance!

The Results

We brought them a consistent amount of leads that brough in 25k worth in reconstruction projects in the first 30 days. 💪💪

Services 321

The Problem

Like most restoration busines owners, James had problems with getting more consistent quality mold remediation jobs.

He had tried working with Homeadvisor, 33 Mile Radius and other agencies but no luck. I told him, “We’re about to change all that” and came up with a custom growth plan for his business.

What We Did

We aimed for just calls because to be honest, at the end of the day, that’s what restoration business owners want. 

With our proprietary Google Ads methods and knowing what already worked for dozens of other restoration businesses, we put his growth plan into action using Google Ads like a ninja. Here’s what happened…

The Results

We brought them a consistent amount of leads and calls that is continually delivering 8-12 additional jobs each month all ranging from water damage to mold removal projects. Also rebuilds💪💪

1st Response Emergency
All Dry Team
V.C. Restoration Group
First Call Restoration
Mold Near Me

Enviro-Clean Services

The Results

Marty, over at Enviro Clean Solutions, was struggling finding an effective marketing company that actually delivered results and jobs for years. After we made their proprietary campaigns with the RCM program, this is what happened…

We were able to generate very high quality mold removal calls which he converted 60% to actual jobs. We’ve been able to generate 35+ high quality leads each month, consistently and predictably. We have it optimized in such a way that it will produce these results for the long term.


The Results

For Kurt, it was all about results. No bs. No fluff. Just straight up calls that led to jobs. And we did just that. By month 2, we not only doubled their mold removal and water damage leads but they were closing those leads 80% to actual paid jobs from homeowners and commercial property owners.

Cavalier Restoration

The Results

Don, over at Cavalier Enterprises & Restoration, was experiencing low quality leads and calls that weren’t at all related to water damage issues. Like many restoration biz owners, he reached out to see if we can solve his issue.

Using our internal Advertising System™, we were able to generate very high quality calls which he converted 50% to actual jobs. In the last 3 weeks, we were able to generate him 8 additional jobs…not leads…signed water damage jobs.

24/7 Restoration

The Results

With 24/7 Restoration, we were able to produce $150k worth of water mitigation jobs in the first 30 days. We used our proprietary methods within Google Ads and prioritized Call Only Ads which tend to convert better when it comes to emergency mitigation jobs.

Resto Rebuild
Kurgan Quality Home Repair
Jet Dry Cleaning & Restoration

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