Why I Love PPC When It Comes to Getting More Consistent Water Damage Restoration Jobs

I know what you’re thinking about. 

“Oh well PPC might work for others or but it won’t for me”

“I’ve tried that already and it didn’t work”

“The ‘big guys’ around my area are doing it but I can’t never compete, they have huge budgets”

“It’s really expensive and competitive to do in my area”

With all these cases, I was still able to help out using this process.

Here’s why PPC works for you

Quickly Generate Qualified Leads

Unlike with SEO, which can take weeks to perform, pay per click advertising allows you to bring in targeted traffic to your site, almost straight away. If the most relevant keywords have been used then it’s likely your campaign will generate much more qualified leads, targeting those who are going to be interested in your products and services, helping you appeal to an audience that really matters. 

Targeted Traffic 

Most PPC platforms have ways of targeting certain demographics, letting you reach audiences based on gender, age, interests and even location. These targeting options allow you to target not only much more specific keywords but also let you increase the quality of your website traffic, helping attract much more valuable leads and visitors. 

PPC Is Measurable 

A major benefit of PPC advertising is that it’s often simple to measure and track, especially with tools like AdWords and Google Analytics. By measuring your ads you get to see details such as impressions, clicks, conversations, audiences and in some cases even where your ads are displayed, helping you optimise your campaigns to reach even more success. 

Here’s why most people fail at this

Going back to the fishing analogies, this is equivalent to taking a seawater fisherman into a freshwater environment. They’re really good at what they do but it’s just the wrong environment for them.

I’m sure the last agency you hired (if you did) had an expertise in a certain field but couldn’t make it work for restoration jobs.

And that’s where you need specific knowledge to come in.

I’m not going to lie to you. Getting consistent water damage jobs though PPC is tough but very possible with a proven process, which I’m going to show you in this blog.