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Grow Your Restoration Business with Exclusive Leads and Proven ROI System

Jobs Keep Coming: Say Goodbye to Slow Seasons and Word-of-Mouth Reliance. Direct Work from Homeowners and Commercial Property Owners Keeps Your Team Busy

Grow Fast with Expert Help for More Jobs

Restoration work is essential, but so is ensuring homeowners and commercial property owners know about your expertise when disaster strikes. Whether it’s water damage restoration, mold removal services, fire damage repair, or larger commercial jobs, we specialize in making sure you’re the first company they call.


Connecting restoration professionals with their potential clients, we specialize in digital marketing tailored for the restoration industry. Our dedicated team focuses on delivering practical results through innovative strategies. With years of experience and a proven track record, we’re committed to helping your business grow and succeed.  



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We understand the challenges of scaling. But with the proper growth marketing strategy, we can thrive in this competitive market and even outperform big businesses. We offer tailored solutions, including strategic marketing plans, lead generation strategies, and operational optimizations, designed to address the unique challenges of scaling your restoration business.

With us by your side, you’ll benefit from having a partner who comprehensively understands the restoration industry and possesses the ins and outs of marketing to propel your business forward. Contact us today to learn how Restoration Growth can help you achieve your growth objectives and take your restoration business to new heights.


Download Our Free Ebook On How To Get More Jobs Per Month

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  • Specialized Approach: We focus on your industry. Our tailored strategies are designed to bring consistent water damage, mold removal, fire damage, and commercial job leads directly to your door.
  • Proven Results: Experience the joy of steady business. From keeping your techs busy to witnessing a solid ROI from your campaigns, we’ve got you covered. Say goodbye to unreliable paid lead generation, uncertain SEO results, or frustrating pay-per-lead models.
  • Exclusive Leads: Confidence in our approach means offering you exclusive leads that guarantee a steady flow of jobs, keeping your business thriving.
  • Ads Mastery: As your strategic partner, we harness the power of Google Ads PPC to put your services in front of those who need them the most. Result? More consistent jobs year-round without having to rely on word of mouth.
  • Customized Growth Plans: We develop a detailed growth plan tailored to your local area, analyzing competitive metrics and business goals to ensure maximum effectiveness.

What Makes Our Program Unique?

Tailored Strategies for All Business Sizes

Our program is designed for restoration businesses of all sizes, from small independents to large franchises. We create customized strategies that deliver real results, ensuring your business thrives no matter its scale. Our expertise in local area marketing means we develop growth plans specifically tailored to your region, giving you a competitive edge in your market.

Proprietary Long-Tail Keyword Tool

Compete with industry giants without breaking the bank. Our proprietary long-tail keyword tool targets niche search terms that larger competitors often overlook. This approach keeps your advertising costs low while effectively capturing high-quality leads, securing a steady flow of jobs for your restoration services.

Comprehensive Marketing and Hands-Off Implementation

We combine Google Ads PPC, SEO, and specialized social media targeting to maximize your reach and impact. Our 90-day program is designed to be hands-off for you, handling everything from ad campaigns to online presence management. With exclusive leads, you get direct jobs from homeowners and commercial property owners, ensuring consistent, year-round work and a solid ROI.

Take your leap toward exponential growth today. Book your 15-minute strategy call now and we’ll give you an action plan and strategy guide to help you achieve your business & revenue goals step by step.


Services Tailored for Restoration Professionals

Experience rapid expansion with high-quality leads customized for your Business needs

PPC Ads Management

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Fast-track to the top of search results for immediate response to emergencies

Commercial jobs Program

Secure large-scale projects with targeted strategies to win high-value commercial jobs.


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Climb search rankings naturally with tailored SEO strategies

Google Local Services Ads Management

Google Ads Cover
Be the go-to local expert when your community searches for help


Continuous job flow – more work, more growth, no downtime

Website Design & Development

Showcase your expertise with a website that converts visitors into clients

Coaching & Consulting

Get personalized guidance to steer your business towards sustained success

Serving a Broad Spectrum of Professionals

From independent restoration companies, general contractors, to multi-location operations and franchises – our expertise scales and adapts to your unique needs.

Secure High-Value Commercial Projects with Ease

Our Commercial Jobs Program is specifically designed to help restoration businesses secure lucrative commercial projects. Whether you’re aiming to expand your reach or solidify your presence in the commercial sector, our targeted strategies ensure you win large-scale jobs that keep your business thriving.

Hear from Those We’ve Transformed

Dive deep into real success stories, see our strategies in action, and visualize your own success path.

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